Due to war, deforestation, poaching and viral infections, the gorilla population has been in a terminal decline being constantly marginalised and forced into smaller and smaller pockets of the forest. The ongoing warfare means that bands of militia have taken to living in the forest as they hide from government troops, sharing the gorillas’ fragile habitat and gradually eroding it. They are also known to have killed and eaten gorillas in times of desperation.

Gorilla Wines aims to change this with your help. From every bottle you buy we donate to help fund Gorilla Conservation Projects in the Congo DR, Rwanda and Uganda. The Conservation and Research project's first steps are to understand the threats to our endangered species by protecting their natural habitat which provides them with their basic human needs.


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The Woman Who Gave Her Life to Save the Gorillas

The Gorilla Organisation also has links to the Dian Fossey trust. Her remarkable work changed the world's perception on what others considered to be violent and dangerous. In 1967 Fossey set up a small research centre high in the volcanic Virunga mountains where she learnt to imitate the gorillas behaviour in order to gain habituation. This enabled Fossey to observe and protect the remaining mountain gorillas before they disappeared, as well as being the first time gorillas were captured on film.

On 26 December 1978, Fossey was brutally murdered with a machete, never seeing her hard-work pay off. However her research has much to be appreciated for, having laid the vital foundations of research about our gorillas and most achievabley a slow growth in numbers.