Playtime for Gorilla Brothers in Danish Zoo

Gorilla brothers Yeba and Kipenzi play in the hay at a zoo in Denmark.

Some heartwarming footage captured at the zoo shows younger brother Yeba (6 years old) playfully throwing hay at his older brother whilst Kipenzi (16) calmly shrugs it off. Yeba, said by the zookeepers to be always full of energy and excitement, bounces up and down in front of his older brother before getting an arm placed on his shoulder by Kipenzi to try to calm him down.

This footage shows the truly human nature of these majestic creatures and emphasises their intellectual and emotional intelligence.

To watch the full video click here


Gorilla Intelligence

Gorillas are highly intelligent animals. Famous Gorilla Koko, born in San Francisco zoo, was taught sign language and could even convey her feelings and emotions to the instructors through the use of these signs. She could understand a total of 2000 English words and was said to have had an IQ of around 75-95. The ‘normal’ IQ of a human is 100.

Gorilla Wine