Think Primitivo with that Tomato & Beef Stew this Christmas...

Christmas is a time for seeing the whole family and cooking for large numbers can be stressful, never mind deciding which wine will go with that meal. So we are here to help and give you a great food and wine pairing that is perfect for those dinners en masse.


Primitivo, the same grape variety as Zinfandel, is a grape that originally comes from the Dalmatian coast in Croatia. It is now most commonly planted in the region of Puglia, located in the heel of Italy and our Gorilla Primitivo comes from a vineyard just outside Salento in the area. Primitivo produces deeply coloured, often high alcohol wines that are easy-drinking and bursting with dark fruit flavours.

The perfect accompaniment for Primitivo is a rich, meaty, tomato-based dish with lots of vegetables. A beef stew with aubergines, carrots and bell peppers and a thick tomato sauce would make an excellent match. Due to the one-pot nature of this style of dish you can prepare it all in advance and cook it slowly whilst enjoying a glass of Primitivo at the same time!

Gorilla Wine