Mountain Gorilla's Status Improves from Critically Endangered to Endangered

There is hope for the Mountain Gorilla as it moves away from being classified as Critically Endangered. Thanks to conservation projects the number of Mountain Gorillas is on the rise. The International Union for Conservation of Nature has updated it’s Red List of Threatened Species and although things are looking up for Mountain Gorillas, the Eastern Gorilla species still holds its Critically Endangered status.

The Mountain Gorilla is one of two subspecies of Eastern Gorilla and current studies of the Mountain Gorilla population estimate that numbers have risen to around 1000 individuals and are continuing to increase. That being said, threats such as civil unrest, poaching and diseases introduced by humans such as respiratory infections and Ebola are still prevalent among the Gorilla population.

Conservation projects in parts of Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo are responsible for this rise in numbers of the species and it’s these types of projects that Gorilla Wines support.

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