Learn More About the Appassimento technique...


Appassimento literally translates to ‘Drying’ in Italian and it is the technique of drying out grapes after harvest. The grapes are picked early in order to retain high acidity levels and the drying is carried out indoors. This concentrates the not only the sugars in the grapes but also the flavours. This technique produces wines that are medium to full-bodied with generally high alcohol and flavours of stewed red fruits and concentrated red berries. Depending on the grape variety used (in the case of Gorilla’s Appassimento we use a blend of Negroamaro, Malvasia, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon) Appassimento wines usually have hints of spice and are complex in style. Gorilla’s Apassimento is from Puglia in southern Italy and is absolutely delicious - why not give it a try today!

Gorilla Wine